We now offer custom drapery, bedding and pillows!

Western Fabrics

We are continuing to get new fabrics in stock, so be sure to check back often to find just what you are looking for! These fabrics are perfect for quilts, bedding, drapes and so much more! Happy Shopping!!

Back in the Saddle Yellow
Back in the Saddle Pink  SALE 5.99
Cowgirl Boots Gray $10.85
Cowgirl Boots Brown $10.85
Cowgirl Up Word Brown $10.85
Cowgirl Boot & Bandana Stripe $10.85
Chevron Stripe Light Turquoise SALE 5.99
Stitchery Black **SALE  $5.99**
Stitchery Light Turquoise $10.85
Tooled Leather Black **SALE $5.99**
Tooled Leather Brown "Only 3/4 yard Left"
Tooled Leather Denim $10.99
Tooled Leather Red $10.99
Horseshoe Trail Denim $10.99
Horseshoe Trail Red $10.99
Shooting Stars Red $9.50
Cowboy Santa Rider $10.25
Round Em Up $11.30
Cowboy Santa Panel **SALE $5.99**
Rising Sun Panel Jet Black $10.50
Rising Sun Patchwork Turquoise $10.50
Burlap White $6.50
Urban Cowgirl Cowboy Shirt Turquoise $10.50
Crackle (Apple, Fern, Navy, Tan or Natural) $7.00  **Click to see other colors**
Sweet Guitars SALE 5.99
King of the Ranch B Red $9.70
King of the Ranch Panel Red $9.70
Santa Fe Bucking Broncos Red $9.25
Santa Fe Rockin Broncos Red $9.25
Roundup Blue SALE $4.99  (Over 40 yards available)
Louisa Womens Vote Blue $7.00
Louisa Paisley Shawl Blue $7.00
Bandana Indigo $8.25
Rawhide Spurs Chambary $8.00
Cowboys and Indians Horses Tan $7.50
Udder Cowboy Stars and Moons Yellow  $7.50
Big Country Bears $7.25
54" Tooled Rose Pink $10.00
54" Roundup Cowgirls Striped White $10.00
Texas Red Batik $7.50
Texas Navy Batik $7.50
108" Marble Quilt Backs Jet Black $17.00
108" Kansas Troubles Red $17.00
108" Marble Quilt Bac Off White $17.00
Kona Ash  $5.00
Kona Berry $5.00
Kona Blue Bell $5.00
Kona Red $5.00
Urban Cowgirl Lucky Grass $10.50
Rising Sun Kokopelli Terra Cotta $10.50
Urban Cowgirl Pony Ride Grass $10.50
Urban Cowgirl Lucky Cornbread**SALE $5.99***
Urban Cowgirl Plaid Mud $10.50
Urban Cowgirl Cowboy Shirt Grass $10.50
Urban Cowgirl Pony Ride Mud $10.50
Horses **SALE $5.99**
Leather Cognac
Cowboy Stripe
Cowboy Silhouettes
Round Up